Sexual orientation

The labels of sexual orientation -- "gay, bi, straight" -- are a social classification devised by the forces of heterosexualization to medicalize and isolate normal and natural same-sex needs, desires, and acts.

As one of our Warriors has said,

This social mechanism acts to isolate male-male sexual behavior from heterosexual spaces and group it with the "third sex" under a combined 'homosexual / gay' label.

He goes on to say that the "gay space" or ghetto thus formed

represents the dust bin created by the heterosexualised society to contain the mutilated/ negativised remnants of male-male sex that survives after the intense oppression of them in the mainstream...

It's important to understand then that sexual activity between masculine men is normal and natural, and indeed is core to natural masculinity.

Under heterosexualization, however, such activity is severely denigrated and is forced into a space dominated by feminized males.

We call this space analism, and it's characterized in the heterosexualized, post-industrial West by anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy.

Forcing a masculine-identified male who is in touch with and acknowledges his same-sex desires into the gay space is extremely destructive.

Once again, our Warrior:

Just as association with masculine-identified males is essential for a masculine-identified male, and enhances his natural masculinity several times, association with feminized males can seriously deplete his natural masculinity, even pave the way for an unnatural development and effeminacy.

Thus when a masculine-identified young man associates himself with the gay group --- psychologically made to believe he is one of them --- he will find himself a misfit in the strongly effeminized gay culture. But since there is no other social space for him, he will force himself to relate with the gays.

The entire experience will subdue his natural masculinity and make him more effeminate.

What then do the terms "gay" and "straight" actually mean?

Our Warrior:

The fact of the matter is that 'straight' actually means 'masculine'. It is only that the West has for long propagated 'heterosexuality' as masculine, so that today it is seen as being synonymous with 'straight'.

Again, the real meaning of 'queer' is feminine, although it is used interchangeably for 'gay'.

You should also know that the word 'homosexual' and later 'gay' was originally used for feminized males who were believed to be feminine on account of their desire for men.

If there was no heterosexual society there would be no homosexuals. And no heterosexuals either. Male-male sex is isolated only because in the Western society, its spaces and its customs are completely heterosexualised (i.e. made mixed gender with pressures to be heterosexual). But heterosexual spaces are themselves unnatural --- and it was only through financial and technological power brought by industrialisation that the western society could create such an artificial unnatural heterosexual environment.

So: sexual orientation is a canard.

Masculine men have far more in common with each other than they do with feminized males.

As we say in the Alliance,

It's not what makes your dick hard

That makes you a man

It's your willingness to FIGHT.

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