Natural masculinity
Total masculinity

The masculinity which develops naturally from the young male's inner sense of himself as a man, and through the interaction of young males as they grow and mature in all-male spaces; and of which same-sex needs and desires are an integral and honored part.

The behaviors which characterize natural masculinity are the direct result of male biology.

And of a male biology which has developed naturally, free of the false social pressures and cultural expectations imposed by heterosexualization.


Sexually, men are by nature and as a function of biology active and aggressive, and a man naturally expresses his sexuality through the thrusting of his erect penis -- his phallus.

Male sexuality then is expressed phallically.

Not anally.

Being penetrated anally has never been natural or appropriate to a man and never will be.

Again: Masculinity is that which is natural to a man.

Male sexuality is expressed phallically, in the way which is natural to a man.

Thus our Man2Man Alliance formulation:

Phallus is Manhood

Manhood is Man


Men are by nature aggressive, and it is that fighting spirit, expressed in aggression which is controlled and appropriate, which is the hallmark of natural masculinity.

It should be noted that "sexual orientation" is a false category invented by the forces of heterosexualization to destroy natural masculinity by ghettoizing men who express same-sex needs and desires.

In reality, the hallmark of masculinity is not sexual orientation, but aggression -- "fighting spirit."

Thus another of our Man2Man Alliance formulations:

It's not what makes your dick hard

That makes you a man

It's your willingness to FIGHT.

Sexuality and Aggression

The most natural male-male expression of Phallic Sexuality is Phallus-Against-Phallus -- Frot -- which is both Combative and Aggressive.

Such a sexuality has to be experienced to be understood, but it can be conceptualized as Affectionate Aggression expressed through Phallically Combative Sex -- ManSex.

Finally, we should be clear that, as one of our Warriors has said, "same-sex needs are the basis of a man's natural positive masculinity."

That does not mean that men who are naturally masculine do not have a sexual interest in women.

But the expression of same-sex needs is critical to the development of natural masculinity.

When, as happens under heterosexualization, those same-sex needs are suppressed and / or shunted off into an effeminized analist ghetto, immense damage is done to the man's natural masculinity.

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