Frot is the male-male erotic practice of aligning the erect penis of each partner so that the undersides of the penises are touching, and rubbing them together until orgasm.

As such, it is the only m2m erotic practice which, like penile-vaginal sex, involves direct and mutual genital-genital contact.

Consequently, Frot is highly and mutually pleasurable for both partners simultaneously.

And because during and after orgasm, ejaculate is not contained within a bodily orifice such as the anus, rectum, or mouth, it is very low risk for HIV and a number of other STIs which are most commonly anally- or orally-vectored.

In addition, since the partners stand or lie facing each other, Frot is a very connected and intimate practice both emotionally and spiritually. Frot facilitates full-body contact, and partners experience a heart-to-heart connection as well as a genital bond.

Because European-Americans and African-Americans sometimes use different slang terms for the penis, Frot is known colloquially under a variety of names, including Cock To Cock, Dick2Dick, Bone on Bone, and Cockrub.

It's also sometimes referred to as "Front" and "Frontalism."

The term "Frot" itself was coined by Frot activist Bill Weintraub in October of 2000 in order to provide men with a race-neutral term for the activity, and to provide a substitute for the word "frottage," an ersatz French word which most sexologists use to refer to any sort of sexual body rubbing.

Frot, by contrast, like the slang terms cock2cock and dick2dick, refers specifically to the rubbing of erect penis against erect penis.

Readers who are over 18 and who wish to see a colloquial and adult explanation of Frot, intended for a mature audience, which includes graphic depictions of men having phallus against phallus sex, may click here. Please do not do so, however, if graphic depictions of sex will offend or upset you.

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