Natural male sex aggression ©

Ares Is Lord and Man2Man Alliance phrase for the hormonally-mediated tendency of males to

  1. behave at once aggressively and erotically towards other males;
  2. become sexually aroused by fighting; and,
  3. seek to in some way combine fighting and sex.

In the male, both sex and aggression are mediated by testosterone, and the two frequently feed upon each other.

For example, it's been demonstrated that winning a fight raises the victor's sperm count.

And that successful completion of a military exercise raises testosterone levels in all soldiers in the winning squad.

So fighting both requires and often raises testosterone, and higher levels of testosterone increase sex drive.

Many other typically male activities, such as rough-housing and "horsing around," raise testosterone levels as well, and it can be argued that much stereotypically male activity, particularly in groups, has the function of raising testosterone.

Thus men are frequently involved in activities, including various forms of fighting, which increase testosterone levels, and it's not surprising that men frequently associate, in varying degree, fighting and sex.

Among Frot men, that association commonly manifests as an abiding interest in myth and superheroes; fantasies about combining fighting and Frot; and various practices which do just that.

A common "Fighting and Frot" fantasy imagines two warriors, two mythic figures, or two comic book superheroes, meeting in battle, wrestling or otherwise fighting in a way which progresses to actual cock combat, and finally, at the moment when, as Mart Finn has said, "fighting cocks become mating cocks," bonding sexually, emotionally, and spiritually through Frot.

Thus Frot men frequently combine a combat scenario with an extreme male-bonding scenario, in which fighting leads to passionate love-making and, ideally, a life-long union of warrior brothers and heroic lovers.

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