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Sex is not independent of Biology.
And neither is Fighting.

Boners and Fists originate in the Testicles.
All Fighting is Man Against Man, Phallus Against Phallus,
Manhood Against Manhood, and Balls Against Balls.

Soldier Balls
It takes ManBalls to ManFight

Tymo Balls

Iron Balls

It takes ManBalls to ManFight

Godly Fighter ManBalls
Manliness and Manhood
Strength and Violent Force

Lord Ares' Sons
Damos and Phobos
Terror and Fear

ManFight : Its Strength and Force
ManFight : Balls against Balls

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Bill Weintraub :

Question :

How do ManBalls become Godly ?

The answer is simple.

The Greek Warrior Gods are immanent -- They pervade and sustain the universe.

They exist and operate within the universe, not, like the christian god, apart from or above the universe.

They are inherent in their universe.

Therefore the lives of Men under the Warrior Gods' numenal sway are suffused with Spirit.

When two Men start to Fight, Lord Ares, who is always present to Fighting Men because he pervades, exists, and operates within their universe, the Combatant Cosmos, knows of the Fight, and He immediately enters into both Men, He en-Gods them, He suffuses them with His Martial Spirit and Naked Valour, and Lord Ares becomes the Fight.

That's why, in Greek and Roman literature, the words Ares and Mars are often substituted for Battle, Fight, Combat, Contest, and War.

The Conflict is not a Contest, it's an Ares ; and the Strife is not a Struggle, it's a Mars.

For example, in this poem by the Roman poet Martial about two equally-matched Gladiators,

Martial (ca 40 - 104 AD), Liber de Spectaculis (Book on Shows) 31, p 33 :

As Priscus and Verus each drew out the contest [certamen] and the struggle [Mars] between the pair long stood equal ...

~Translated by Shackleton Bailey.

Priscus and Verus are Gladiators, both undefeated, and the contest between them is, in Latin, a certamen, which in Greek is an agon ; and it's also described as a Struggle, which in Latin is a Mars -- in Greek it would be an Ares.

So the Fight between these two Gladiators is called a Mars, a struggle, which is also the name of the God of Battle-Fight-War, Mars.

So, guys, while they're Fighting, this matched and very lethal pair of Gladiators becomes the God Mars, they are Mars -- they are the Fight.

And the Roman spectators know and understand that.

They understand that what they're seeing is not just a Fight, but Divinity.

The God is in the Colisseum.

When the Fight is over -- and this particular Fight ended in a draw, with each Man being given his Freedom -- the God withdraws -- to a point.

But both Men forever after know that they were and are touched by Ares -- or Mars -- on that day.

And when the Men are inhabited by the God on that day, obviously their ManBalls, which power the Fight, become Godly ManBalls.

That can happen in an Immanent Universe, where Gods can inhabit the bodies and souls of Men, and Men become Godly -- if only briefly.

The Lives of Fighters in an Immanent Universe are constantly suffused with the Fighting Spirit of their Combatant Cosmos -- and its Gods.

Bill Weintraub

16 January 2023

When we look at these pics, we see Lord Ares' handsome face, his beautiful pecs, his perfect cock and balls, with pubic hair and foreskin and his glans poking out of his 'skin, his praeputium, his hooded soldier -- all lovingly rendered ;

and on his left cheek, beneath his thick blond head hair, we see his beard starting to grow in ; and if you compare the pic of his pubic hair with that of his beard, you'll see that they're similar -- the hair of the beard is more like pubic hair than head hair.

And both the Greeks and the Romans, but particularly the Romans, understood that.

So the model, the athlete-combatant model for Lord Ares used by the sculptor Alkamenes, was a big, strong, handsome -- but still adolescent -- guy, with a massive chest with a cleft in it, big arms and shoulders, and a really powerful lower body -- strong glutes and hams.

He would have trained in pankration, and wrestling, and boxing ; indeed, he might have been a boxer -- if you look at the close-up of his face, you'll see that he has a strong, smooth, boxer's jowl -- an iron chin:

And he could have been a Victor in any or all of the Fight Agonia.

He was nineteen -- his beard was just coming in and he was just finishing his ephebic training --

He was nineteen -- the most graceful time of youth -- and full of Charme -- Joy of Battle, Eagerness for Combat -- and Pugnacitas -- Battle Lust, the Longing to Fight.

He was -- and remains -- Valorous and Violent and Beautiful to Behold.

Bill Weintraub

December 27, 2022

© All material Copyright 1997 - 2023 by Bill Weintraub.
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Valorous, Violent, Beautiful